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Release Notes - July 2022
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Fraud detection suite implemented

Due to the recent increase in abnormal market activity, we have implemented a comprehensive fraud detection suite to combat fraudulent activity and invalid sales that are detrimental to both the user and the business. 

This suite is still in the process of being refined. Please notify the support team of any failed purchases if you require assistance.

ACH and Wire transfer withdrawal options have been disabled

We have chosen to disable the ACH and wire transfer withdrawal options after careful consideration. These alternatives have been available for several months, and we've discovered that they're causing most users needless difficulty. Numerous requests involve extensive communication between the user, their financial institution, and multiple teams within the company. A simple withdrawal request may take up to a month to process in certain instances. Cryptocurrency withdrawals continue to be the withdrawal method of choice for the majority of the community, and we believe this gives the greatest user experience and the quickest processing time.

Gas fees for crypto withdrawals lowered

Due to the significant decrease in gas fees, we have reduced the $25 gas fee on crypto withdrawals to $5.00.




Load times improved by implementing fast card front rendering

Overall, the site now loads faster. This is especially true in the marketplace and on pages that show collectibles.

UI design modifications and optimizations made to the storefront

Improvements made to user interface throughout storefronts aimed at achieving a smoother user experience. 

Added Storefront search to main page header

Storefront search has been added to the main page header on desktop and mobile for improved user experience and accessibility.



Added downloadable CSV to the withdrawal page containing details on non-withdrawable balance

This much-requested feature has been implemented. The CSV contains details on the purchases that contributed to your non-withdrawable balance, as well as dates, so that users can more easily determine when the balance will become withdrawable again.

Added tooltip to the withdrawal page which can be hovered over for further information regarding the 90-day ineligible balance

Added checker to ensure all card images are 1.77.1 aspect ratio

A background worker was implemented to automatically check and ensure that all card images have the correct aspect ratio, preventing cards from displaying incorrectly.

Link to the newsletter added to the footer

Sign up to our newsletter has never been easier, simply click the link and enter your email address to stay up to date with all things RCRDSHP!

Updated verbiage on listing modal to clarify commissions and fees

We discovered that there was some uncertainty in the community regarding commissions and fees. It's important to us that our users are aware of how these fees are distributed and how we are using these fee's to give back to our incredible artists. We've added a brief explanation to the listing modal to keep you in the loop!


Bugs and Minor Fixes


Fixed pack opened date when viewing open and revealed packs in the collection

Pack open date is no longer vague and more clearly states the date of your pack opening.

Fixed preview serial on the marketplace showing as '#12345' and not '#'

Preview serials on the marketplace no longer show as '#12345' and now correctly display as '#'

Fixed bug causing artist search to fail on mobile

Artist search on mobile is no longer a buggy experience and does not fail. 

Fixed verbiage on advanced analytics

Incorrect phrasing has been corrected inside the 'Low Serials' section of advanced analytics. It is now "Serials 1–20 are not available in any current pack drop" rather than "Serials 1–20 are not available for sale."

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