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How do I move my collectibles from my Dapper wallet to my RCRDSHP collection?
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To perform specific actions with a collectible (including selling), you must first move it from "My Dapper Wallet" to "My Collection."


1. Head to Music is valuable. | RCRDSHP.

2. Click on the My Collection tab at the top of the page. 



3. Once viewing your collection, click the Dapper Wallet tab. 



4. Use the checkboxes on the left-hand side to select which collectibles you would like to move to your RCRDSHP collection. You can also bulk select the entire list by clicking the checkbox in the table header.

5. Click "Move collectibles!" once you have selected all the collectibles you would like to move. 

6. A Dapper pop-up window will appear for you to confirm this action. Click confirm to proceed. Note: If you experience any difficulties on this step, make sure the Dapper pop-up is not blocked. 



7. The Dapper wallet tab within your RCRDSHP collection will now update with the status of the collectibles you are moving. Under normal circumstances, this process shouldn't take longer than a few minutes. If your collectibles seem to be stuck in a "Pending" state for a prolonged time, reach out to support.



8. Once this process is complete, you're collectibles will appear in your RCRDSHP collection. 



And you're all set! You will now be able to enjoy all the perks your RCRDSHP collectibles offer. 

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