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How to purchase a drop using your Dapper wallet?
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1. Head to Music is valuable. | RCRDSHP.

2. Click the Drops option on the top of the page.



3. Click to select the drop you would like to purchase. 

4. Click the Buy Pack button. 



5. If you have not connected your Dapper wallet to your account you will need to click "Connect your Dapper Wallet" and follow the steps. You can find a guide on how to connect your wallet here - {link}



6. Once you have connected your Dapper wallet, click Buy with Dapper wallet. 



6. Wait for the Dapper wallet window to pop up, please ensure you don't have pop-ups blocked as this may interfere with the process.

7. Once the window comes up, click "Pay with Dapper balance".



8. Wait for the purchase to be processed and placed in your Dapper wallet. 


Once this is done, you're all set! You've made your first purchase using your Dapper wallet. 

You should note that this collectible will be placed in your Dapper wallet and will have to be moved to RCRDSHP in order to be opened and used. 


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