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Mixing: What It Is and How It Works
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What is Mixing?

Simply put, mixing allows you to combine two or more cards in order to create something new or to enhance a collectible in some way. It’s kind of like when you combine the beat from one track, the vocals from another track, and the hook from a third song, to make something entirely new.

Mixing is also the foundation for upcoming RCRDSHP features, ranging from the way that you level up your player profile, to "massing" (merging) duplicate collectibles from your collection as a way of creating new rare cards – of which some will have the possibility of earning valuable stakeholder rewards for you and your favorite artists.

How does Mixing work?

First, you need to have a specific card in your hand that unlocks the Mixing Table. We’re keeping the card a secret for now, because we think you can figure it out. Once you’ve added the correct card to your hand, the Mixing Table can be found at the top of your collection.

To mix, drag the cards you want to mix with into your hand then navigate to the Mixing Table. Next, drag an “ingredient” card into the card slot. A new slot will open up as soon as you’ve done this for you to add more cards.

Remember, mixing only works with two or more collectibles, so as soon as you think you’ve got your recipe right, go ahead and tap the “Mix” button!

If it works, the cards on the table will disappear, one coin will be deducted from your balance, and the new or modified outcome card will be added to your collection.

If it doesn’t work, you keep the original cards and one coin is deducted from your balance for attempting.

Well.. normally it would cost a coin to attempt to mix (even if the outcome is unsuccessful), but for now, we’re giving a 100% discount on attempts and it will only cost a coin when your combo is successful.

If the mixing button is greyed out after you have added cards to the table, make sure that you have sufficient coins in your balance. No coins, no mixing! The good news though, is that you can earn coins by burning your collectibles. Follow this link to find out more about burning, what it is, and how it works.

What is an Outcome?

An outcome is just what it sounds like; the result of a mix! When mixing, you have to follow a specific combo/recipe, and some cards can only be made by mixing the right ingredients together.

We have long hinted at using the mixing feature to refill Zippo lighters with a +1 card, so the combo would look like this:

Genesis Lighter 
& Any +1 card
& 1 coin
= Refilled Genesis Lighter

During this process, your Genesis Lighter will be refilled, the +1 card will be burned, and 1 coin will be deducted from your coin balance.

How is a card limited when it’s not blockchain-confirmed?

It takes a little time — usually just a few minutes — for the ownership status of a card to be written to the blockchain. Until this happens, cards can be looked at and played, but they cannot change ownership or be transformed by burning or mixing.

What else aren’t you telling us?

We’re starting small with a handful of recipes being rolled out gradually so keep an eye out for announcements and updates on new Mix Combos.

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