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Cultural Artifacts & Capabilities: What They Are and How to Use Them
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What are Cultural Artifacts & Capabilities?

Cultural Artifact cards have special capabilities that are enabled when you add them to your hand or burn them to your profile. This can range from being able to buy and sell cards with ease, destroy collectibles to liberate their “value”, or even unlock upcoming features.

Burning and Mixing

Burning and Mixing are fundamental functionality on RCRDSHP and we've created separate articles for them:

How to use Cultural Artifacts

To enable the functionality of each of these cultural artifacts, you can add them to your hand or burn them to your profile.

Each artifact is different, as is the manner in which it can be used. These artifacts

Extra Analytics (Extraordinary Insights)

When you enable this card, you gain advanced analytics information on the Analytics page. You will be able to see several new fields like "Total Sales", "Average Price", & "Highest Sale". Groovy, right? That’s not all! You will also be able to access the sales history for cards you own on the card itself.

Real-Time Market Data (Walkie Talkie)

Enable this card to open a new private text channel on Discord: #get-it-real-time. The new channel shows real-time market history data so users can easily see who's buying what, when, and at what price.

For this utility, you must have your Discord account linked to your RCRDSHP account in your Profile under the Social Accounts section. You can link Discord, Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

Hide Your Name from Real-Time Market Data (Secret Handshake)

Enabling the Secret Handshake Card allows you to quickly purchase cards off of the Marketplace using your account balance, and hides your name in the #get-it-real-time Discord channel. In order for this card to work, you must have sufficient funds in your account balance to cover the cost of the card you wish to purchase.

Why would you want to hide your name? Perhaps for challenges, you can use this to your advantage.

How to Shake

  • Enable the Secret Handshake card.
  • Go to a listing with a serial number from the analytics tab, or from the list of cards for sale when viewing a card in your collection.
  • A new handshake icon (🤝) will be revealed below the card description.
  • Simply click and HOLD the handshake button until the transaction is complete.
  • The cost will then be deducted from your balance and the card will be delivered to your collection.

Be careful when using Sekret Handshake with a "K" for this functionality. As the text in the card suggests, when using this card there is a chance that you'll get "caught". When this happens the trade will fail and the Sekret Handshake card will be burned.

See How Many Packs are Left in a Drop (Bouncer or Clicker)

Enabling the Bouncer or Clicker allows you to see how many packs are left in a pack drop. In the future, the Bouncer will also allow you to control who has access to your public profile.

My Music Tab (DJ)

Not to be confused with the DJ Mixer, enabling the DJ add a My Music tab in your Collection and unlocks additional Tempo (BPM) and Key (Camelot) columns of special interest to DJs and producers.

See Low Serials (Lost Flip Flop)

For serious collectors who like low serial numbers on a card and the thrill of opening a pack to try to get one.

Enabling the Lost Flip Flop allows you to see whether serials 1-20 are still available in the active drop, or if they are available in a pack on the marketplace.

Change Your Profile Name (Gas Mask)

Unlocks the ability to change your public profile name across the site to an alias of your choosing.

Gifting (PLUR)

PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. Enabling the PLUR card eliminates the cool-down period for gifting so you can send unlimited gifts and spread the love!

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